Today. Tomorrow. Together


During June, we pray with Pope Francis that all those who suffer may find their calling in life and allow themselves to be touched by the heart of Jesus.  In our lives there are crosses, there are difficult moments. But in these difficult moments we feel that the Holy Spirit helps us to go forward and to overcome the difficulties.– Pope Francis

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Mary, the mother of God, was a loving mother and a model for missionaries. That’s why we’ve created this series of Marian resources. Each resource helps children to deepen their appreciation of Mary and learn how she can help us to become missionaries of God’s love too.


Throughout the year, mission masses happen across England and Wales, to celebrate Mission, pray for missionaries, and come together in prayer.


Children helping Children during the Coronavirus

As we adjust to these times of uncertainty, we remember how closely we’re connected to each other across God’s world. Pope Francis, Missio’s patron, calls us to respond to this crisis with ‘the universality of prayer, of compassion, and of tenderness’.


Kenya update: ‘We stand in solidarity with you’

As the Coronavirus pandemic reaches further around the world, we’re in touch with our partners overseas and remember that while we pray and support them, they too are praying for us and our families.