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The Holy Father this year called Missio to have an Emergency Covid 19 Collection for the Church in the poorest countries of the world. Missio is helping the Church to continue so that it can be strong, helping people.  The poor suffer the most.


Missio helps the Church to continue to help other people, especially priests, sisters, religious and catechists. In the poorest countries these have not been paid or fed for many weeks as they rely on a weekly church collection. Churches have been closed.


The immediate needs are to help the Church function in this crisis.  We have to date raised over £300,000 through small donations and bigger offerings. Thank you for your charity and prayers.


Missio is built on two foundations. One is prayer and the other is charitable giving. They are equally important. Prayer unites us with God and with each other. It brings grace to all of us and courage and solidarity in a common need.  We try to do both. Missio gives material and spiritual help.


There are 2 overlapping levels of suffering.  One is the virus, which targets the most vulnerable in society, older people and people with health issues. The medical facilities in many countries are weak. The health systems are not able to cope; ours barely did. Some countries cannot cope at all. In Uganda, they have one Covid 19 testing station for 40 million people.    


The second is the great suffering that has resulted from the lockdown.  The lockdown has meant  that people who rely on their daily work in the market, trading, using their skills as a mechanic or a labourer, where they are paid on a daily basis, have not been able to work..


At a Zoom Conference, held in June, Fr. Basil the National Director of Missio in Sri Lanka spoke to 45 Missio representatives from England and Wales about the plight of his country.   He thanked all the donors and volunteers who work hard and sacrifice their time and energy for people they do not know and will never meet.  Three and a half months of lockdown have affected the country more than the virus. Most of the Sri Lankan people have been affected. There are 10 dioceses, which are missionary, in the interior of the country. These people did not have anything to eat.  Schools and universities were closed completely. For 3 months all the churches were closed. 


Most of the priests in the Dioceses are living with the support of the people. When they came to Mass they would bring some dry rations (rice, dried fish, Dahl) or a little money for the priest. There was no Mass.  The people had nothing to offer. The Church was very badly affected.  With the help of Missio we were able to help 373 families, catechists and lay leaders of the church and give them 10 days of dry rations. We helped 65 priests by just giving them something to eat. We helped 28 religious communities of sisters. 


One Bishop gave 5000 rupees (£20) to each priest to survive on.  A little goes a long way; the feeding of the 5000 with the 5 loaves and 2 fishes.  The Church in Sri Lanka is praying it will not happen again. Many people have lost their jobs. The economy has collapsed. People cannot pay for their children to go to school.  


Fr Basil finished by saying, “ Please accept my sincere gratitude and thank you all for the hard work and sacrifices from Missio England and Wales.” 


We then heard from Fr.Francis Makuba MHM, born in Uganda,  who spoke from the slums of Nairobi, in a poor  parish, with poor housing. He said that Kenya has been in lockdown especially  Mombasa and Nairobi since the beginning of April.  Casual labour around his parish of Shauri Moyo stopped.  The second  hand clothes market next to the parish closed.

7 out of 10 Kenyans have lost their job. The effect was felt especially in May, June and July.


It was chaotic with schools closed and no work. No one had planned for it. There has also been a rise in family violence. His parish was given 2000 Euros from Missio. Parishioners were approached to assess the situation.  It was worse than imagined. The very needy cases were identified; 250 families who needed urgent help. They were provided with rice, sugar, cereals, flour and ugalie (Kenyan basic food, maize) like our mashed potatoes or chips or rice. The people said it made them feel human again.


Many who had stayed in Nairobi in desperately inadequate accommodation had not paid the rent (3000 Kenyan Shillings, £25). Many buses were ferrying people back to the villages as they have nothing to sustain them in Nairobi.


He told us that they are living in fear of a spike. The lockdown was quite suffocating. Now they  can visit parishioners and try to respond to their needs.  They can have Mass now, and they have a breathing space. 


He concluded by saying “We are very grateful to God for keeping us, and Missio for your help, reaching out to those most in need.  Many thanks to all our Missio Volunteers, Local Secretaries, Promoters and Treasurers. Your work is much appreciated.”


I have always said that  Missio should not be seen as just a ‘red box’, but as real people being

supported, real projects being brought to life, and a real response to those most in

need.  This conference highlighted how during this Covid crisis we have been playing our part in helping people in desperate life and death situations.  They need your support.


Any parish or group who would appreciate my support with their missionary work,

please contact me at St.Gabriel’s Church, Alsager, Tel: 01270 877736 or email at tonygrace30@yahoo.com

I am happy to celebrate Mass and then speak of the work of Missio.


Your Mission Together diocesan representative is Mrs Mary Dearden, who may be contacted on: 0151 645 7979 or at marydearden@hotmail.com  for visits to Schools.

 For more information on Missio, please go to missio.org.uk or for the children’s branch at



To sponsor a seminarian for Missio please ring Evangeline Campo, The Society of St Peter the Apostle, on 0207 821 9755 or spamanager@missio.org.uk


Fr Tony Grace:  St Anne’s and St Gabriel’s









Mission Together Impact Report Summer 2020



The work of Missio empowers the Church to reach out to those in need of the Good News of Jesus Christ. Missio and our valued partners, the Mill Hill Missionaries, enrich today’s Catholic Church globally by sharing the love of Christ with everyone, especially with those in greatest need.

This is in stark contrast to the many divisions in humanity, based on religion, politics, race, ethnicity
and national identity. Terrorism, fanaticism, fundamentalism, persecution, poverty and oppression continue to dominate the world’s agenda.

In 2019, the positive impact of your prayers and generous financial support of Missio changed lives in 1,070 mission dioceses in 157 countries. I have witnessed this in many countries I have worked in and visited as a Mill Hill Missionary, and with Missio.

Together we transform lives by listening to local needs and respond to them with the people involved as best we can. We are at the service of Churches struggling in situations of poverty and oppression.

Together we create infrastructure in poor and sometimes remote areas by helping the local communities to build churches, convents, schools, children’s homes, clinics and dispensaries.

Together we help support the training of Priests, Sisters and Catechists who will lead, teach and serve the people of young and developing Churches.

Together we are inspiring children from all countries to pray and care for each other, facing the challenges of the future with faith, hope

and love.

May God reward you for your support through prayer and sacrifice,

Fr Anthony Chantry

Missio National Director


Cameroon: Seminarians take the next step towards priesthood

We share joyful news from our partners, the Mill Hill Missionaries in Bamenda, Cameroon. Faith and celebration of life in the Lord continue despite the COVID-19 crisis. 

On Sunday 14 June, the Solemnity of Corpus Christi, 12 young men in the Mill Hill Formation House in Bamenda took the Society Temporary Missionary Oath. It was a beautiful and low-key  celebration, with a few of the students’ family members and some Friends of Mill Hill.


During June, we pray with Pope Francis that all those who suffer may find their calling in life and allow themselves to be touched by the heart of Jesus.  In our lives there are crosses, there are difficult moments. But in these difficult moments we feel that the Holy Spirit helps us to go forward and to overcome the difficulties.– Pope Francis

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Mary, the mother of God, was a loving mother and a model for missionaries. That’s why we’ve created this series of Marian resources. Each resource helps children to deepen their appreciation of Mary and learn how she can help us to become missionaries of God’s love too.


Throughout the year, mission masses happen across England and Wales, to celebrate Mission, pray for missionaries, and come together in prayer.


Children helping Children during the Coronavirus

As we adjust to these times of uncertainty, we remember how closely we’re connected to each other across God’s world. Pope Francis, Missio’s patron, calls us to respond to this crisis with ‘the universality of prayer, of compassion, and of tenderness’.


Kenya update: ‘We stand in solidarity with you’

As the Coronavirus pandemic reaches further around the world, we’re in touch with our partners overseas and remember that while we pray and support them, they too are praying for us and our families.